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Learn about the Spectrum Call for Entries, how and when you can submit your work, request a poster and more.

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The Spectrum 21 Call for Entries submissions are now closed. The Spectrum 22 Call for Entries opens on October 15, 2014.

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Meet the Judges

Learn about the five member jury team who will select the Gold and Silver awards and artwork for inclusion in Spectrum #21.

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Latest News

Spectrum: The Exhibit

The Society of Illustrators will be presenting the third installation of an exhibit featuring a selection of work from Spectrum. Curated by Irene Gallo and Greg Manchess, with co-curators Arnie and Cathy Fenner, the exhibit will feature over one hundred pieces of art on display at the Society's headquarters in the Upper East Side. The opening reception will take place on Friday, September 12th at 6:30pm.

For more information visit the Society of Illustrators website here.

Spectrum Fantastic Art Live 4 Dates!

We are excited to officially announce that Spectrum Fantastic Art Live will be returning to Kansas City Memorial Day weekend, May 22-24, 2015. SFAL 4 will take place in the gorgeous ballrooms of the historic Muehlebach Marriott hotel in the heart of downtown KC (just one block away from our former location). The convention hall, artists' alley and programming will all be returning, as well as the fourth annual Spectrum Awards, which will be held at the historic Folly Theater. We'll be announcing special guests, events and sign-up deadlines in the coming weeks. Thank you for being a part of Spectrum Fantastic Art Live, and we'll see you in 2015!

We are proud to announce the next addition to the Spectrum 22 jury: Greg Ruth!

Greg has been published in many comics, books and magazines for over twenty years with clients such as DC comics, Dark Horse and Macmillan. In addition he wrote and illustrated "The Lost Boy" and illustrated President Obama's "Our Enduring Spirit" among many other publications. A long time Spectrum contributor, Greg has been a selected artist for the last eleven years, winning a Gold award for Spectrum 12.

His amazing work can be viewed here here.

It is our pleasure to announce Virginie Ropars as a jury member for Spectrum 22!

Formerly a designer for the video game industry, Virginie is a multifaceted artist of international renown who is as talented in 2D as she is in 3D. Her gorgeous and unique one-of-a-kind Art Dolls reside in many prestigious collections and she has been profiled in numerous magazines, websites, and books throughout Europe, Russia and the US. In addition, she is a Spectrum alumnus who, over the last seven years, has been honored with a Silver Award in Spectrum 17, a Gold Award in Spectrum 19, and a Gold Award in Spectrum 20. You can learn much more about Virginie here.

Latest Video

Cory Godbey, Allen Williams, J. Anthony Kosar and George Pratt talk with John Fleskes about the Spectrum 21 judging event at Spectrum Fantastic Art Live on May 11, 2014. These four of the five jury members (Shelly Wan, who was not present, was the fifth judge for Spectrum 21) reminisce about the day and what it's like to be a Spectrum judge. This video starts a few minutes into the conversation. The volume is low due to the sound recorder being far away. Please turn up the volume to hear better.

Flashback: Pierre Alary sketched inside his books at our Flesk booth at Comic-Con International in San Diego in 2011. Pierre's appearance was sponsored by Stuart Ng Books while he was there to promote his new titles. This video shows him drawing in copies of Belladone, Sinbad and in his Alary Sketchbook titles.

Frank Cho, the acclaimed creator of Liberty Meadows, shares his secrets to drawing the lovely women he is renowned for. Drawing Beautiful Women: The Frank Cho Method arrives this fall from Flesk Publications.

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